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CLASH! Dawn of Steam arrives

Release day for episode 2, plus a fun guest appearance

Guest Post: Devorah Fox

Spire City: Contagion free today!

An interview at The Geekiary

Another guest post

A pair of interviews

Season Two: Pursued is here!

Amazing art!

Everyone's invited!

Guest blog giveaway: The Exile of Elindel by Carol Browne

Guest post: Milo James Fowler

When a new idea strikes

Poem sale to Strange Horizons!

Spire City: Epidemic is out today!

Anthology cover

And two more blog appearances

A pair of blog appearances elsewhere

Interview with me up at Chris Pavesic's blog

Guest post: Eric Juneau

Contagion is out today

Cover for episodes 1-6

Ten Books (well, it rounds off to ten, anyway)

Unburied Treasures book trailer

A new word!

New artwork, new artwork...yay!

A rather different sort of interview, with Nyki Blatchely

An interview with me on Nyki Blatchely's blog

Podcast of "Planet Jumpers"

Episode 13, the season finale!

A time travel story published in this anthology

Sneak Peek preview of the season one trailer

New Spire City art!

Episode 12, "In Claw's Catacombs"

Season Three is a go!

New art for Spire City

Episode 11 "The Stranger" plus two interviews

CLASH! Dawn of Steam returns!

My favorite dad memory for Fathers Day

Spire City episode 10 released

"Planet Jumpers" published in Every Day Fiction

Episode 9, Calling in the Press

"Apprentice in the Steam Library" sold to Villainous Press

Alas for CLASH! Dawn of Steam...but not the end!

Flash fiction sale to Every Day Fiction

Some more CLASH! Dawn of Steam stories up

Mint, the Sleepless One (Episode 7)

CLASH! Dawn of Steam Kickstarter