Monday, October 28, 2019

Lyrical Worlds newsletter--sign up now!

And there it is, hinted at a few weeks ago and now live: the Lyrical Worlds newsletter.

Lyrical Worlds will be the key way to get the latest news about my stories, poems, novels, etc. I'll still share links here on the blog, but the monthly newsletter will be a simpler format to update readers on everything strange and wondrous happening with my writing.

Free books!

And just for signing up, you'll get two free books. One is a Spire City novel, the first season of the Spire City series. The other is a booklet that looks behind the scenes at The Silk Betrayal and the Arcist Chronicles.

But wait, there's more!

It's a newsletter, but it isn't just about news. I've had stories and poems published going back almost twenty years now. Many of those were in print zines that are no longer published. Others were online at one time, but the pages have disappeared and the links gone dark. Some of them will be very early writing that you'd think I'd be embarrassed to be read.

But you'd be wrong. I have no shame.

OK, maybe I do... There are probably some stories and poems that I won't bring back out of oblivion.

Others will be stories I'm still very proud of, stories and poems that I don't want anyone to miss out on. So don't unsubscribe after you get your free ebooks. The first reprint, in November, will be a story that's never appeared online, a strangely off-kilter fantasy that you shouldn't miss.

So sign up now!

All you have to do is enter your email in the form below. Don't worry, I won't use your email address for anything except to send the newsletters through the Mailerlite automated system. Just make sure you check your spam filters for a confirmation email. And then check your spam filters again if you don't get the email with a link to your free books.

And, of course, stay subscribed to the newsletter so you can get the monthly updates and delightful reprints, and the occasional special deals!

And thanks in advance for signing up!

Wednesday, October 02, 2019

New place, same as the old place

Well, look at that. This is a brand new website. One that...looks exactly like the old one, for now anyway. Updating it to is just one of the behind-the-scenes things I've been working on.

In other news, The Roots of Betrayal has now been fully revised, tweaked, polished, torn apart, put back together, etc. and is now in the hands of the publisher. While I started working on the novel soon after The Silk Betrayal came out, it has especially consumed my writing time over the past few months (which may explain my lack of blogging). I don't have any other news about that to share yet, no idea of the timeline or anything. But pleased to at least get to this point.

["Psst," you say. "There's something about a newsletter up in the right-hand column, what's that about?"
"Something still coming, but hopefully more on that soon!"]