Sunday, November 23, 2008

In Iowa for the week

I'm out in Iowa this week--I didn't bother posting announcements on forums I'm part of because I should have as much access to the Internet as usual. I might be online a little less, out of a desire to not seem anti-social, but I should get messages and such no different from normal. So, you know, any editors who read this blog and might be worrying that I won't get the acceptance email...well, accept away...

The trip was good, and the kids did surprisingly well. When we did have to stop, those stops ended up quite a bit longer than they otherwise would have been, but besides that I don't think they really slowed us much. It isn't the most exciting trip--on I-80 for almost the entire day--but the most interesting thing was probably the number of mammoth windmill blades we saw being transported west. They look like pieces of alien spacecraft. Wind energy is an exciting and vital development, so that makes it doubly interesting.

Now to see how much writing I can actually get done while visiting...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mindflights contributor copy

My poem "Exile, Self-selected" was one of those chosen for the quarterly print issue (I think they choose roughly a third of their online content). And my contributor copy just arrived this evening--it looks very nice. It includes all the winning- and honorable-mention poetry as well as a number of stories (presumably those the editors considered the best of the quarter).

It's Lulu-printed, and I still have my annoyance at the ridiculous amount of packaging they use when they send things out, but they certainly do a fine job of the printing itself. So, I read most of the poems as they came out, but I haven't read the fiction yet...but it looks well worth checking out.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Episode 6 complete

I finished the rough draft of episode 6 of my serial project a few days ago. I set that as a first goal post, because in looking at TV series as a model, I found that often studios commit to six rather than an entire season. If things are going well, then they'll green-light the rest of season one. (Presumably they make the decision well before episode 6 has aired, but six remains a benchmark.)

So I'm taking a brief break from writing new episodes (probably no more than a week or two off) while I think about what I've got, give people a chance to read it (thanks, Lindsey and Narcissus!), and get other stuff done--I've already done revisions on a handful of other stories and submitted six stories in the past three days. And I may try to write a completely unrelated short in here too.

So...any grand wisdom from what I've got so far? Not really yet. I do see that some parts are turning out more like chapters in a novel than episodes. I also was looking more at internal arcs and stories...developing them through external events, but the externals don't always have as consistent a plot direction as perhaps they should. If I think of them as episodes anyway, rather than chapters. And the other thing is I've been writing these way too slow--2-3 weeks per episode, when I'd like to be down to about half of that. So for the question about whether to allow this more chapter-like feel to continue, I'll let that simmer for a while before deciding, but when I come back I definitely hope to be more efficient with my writing and speed up the process. Presumably, Bloons Tower Defense will not come out with a fourth edition of their game soon, so that'll help me keep on track...

Monday, November 03, 2008

Sale to Every Day Poets plus table of contents for Cinema Spec

My poem "Knot" has sold to Every Day Poets. It's a sister site to Every Day Fiction, which has bought a couple of my flash stories. The poem itself is actually an older one, dating back to college, but one I remained pleased with. I'll write more about it when it gets published.

Also, Karen Romanko has announced the order of the table of contents for Cinema Spec, and once again my story will be the anthology's closer. That makes three anthologies (out of three I've been in) that my story was the final one...usually a good sign that the editor thinks it's a good story to leave readers with. At least I hope it's that and not that they think it's a good story to tuck in the back and hope no one ever notices... The tentative plan is to release the anthology in the third quarter of 2009. I think it'll be a very fun one (just as Sporty Spec is), so keep an eye out for it.