Contagion is out today

Release day at last! This is the bundle for episodes 1-6 of season one. I believe I mentioned way back last spring when episode 6 was released that there is a definite narrative arc to these first six episodes. So while it's half of the season, and I generally think of each season as its own unit, this is not some randomly cut-off portion of the story. It doesn't have much big resolution (but then even the full season doesn't), but it definitely has its own climax that propels the story on toward the remaining episodes (and seasons).

As always, this is available from most online bookstores and directly from Musa. It sometimes takes longer for some of the stores to add them, but I'll put up links as I find them: Musa, Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, iBooks US, UK, Australia.

And please consider leaving a review or at least a star rating (or however it's set up at that store). Reviews and ratings can be a big boost for small press books, so each one is much appreciated!


Vilhelm man said…
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Anonymous said…
Sounds intriguing, Daniel. I've always been a fan of the serial format, ever since I started watching VHS tapes of Flash Gordon and Radar Men from the Moon when I was a kid.
Daniel Ausema said…
Thanks, Milo! I find it fascinating, from a writer's perspective and a reader's. It creates a different reading experience, even when a reader binge reads straight through. And the challenges it presents a writer are the kinds of things that make writing fun.

Looking forward to your serial coming up!