A pair of blog appearances elsewhere

I've been busy arranging a bunch of different guest appearances and interviews (both of me being elsewhere and others swinging by here). Two of those went live over the past two days.

"Always Striving" is my guest post at Eric Juneau's blog. It's a post especially for writers, digging into some of how I approached Spire City and how I approach writing in general. It also gets into a bit of detail about my background in experiential education. As one co-worker liked to say, you gotta stretch your box.

Don't forget to check out Eric's guest post here from last week and his SF mermaid novel, Merm-8.

And secondly, I endured a rapid-fire interview where I wasn't allowed to ramble as much as I tend to (...) over at Andrew Leon Hudson's blog. We'll be doing another more in-depth interview in about a month, to go live around the time Season 2 begins serialization.

Andrew is another of the Darkside Codex writers, so be sure to check out his novel The Glass Sealing. I described it on Facebook as Occupy-Steampunk, which he thought was funny...and I thought was me being serious.

Stay tuned for more. I do try to make sure these posts aren't just bland repetitions of each other, so each one is only a single facet of what's going on in Spire City and in my writing in general. So read them all to get a full(ish) view.