Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Spire City freebie

On a lark I posted this microfiction story on Twitter the other day. It's a Spire City mini story that captures the atmosphere and danger of the city, the series, and Orgood's cruel infection.


A Dart of Deadly Serum

As soon as the cloaked man shot me—in the shadow of the foundry, where rain and steam mingled with soot—I snatched the dart from my flesh. Too slow. The poison sac was already empty, its contents working on my blood, transforming me into an animal. Already a line of fur ran up my forearm. Growing teeth forced my jaw to open, and I howled. Then snarling, I bounded after my executioner.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Guest post at Steampunk Cavaliers

I'm joining a few other writers, mostly some of those who'd been involved in the late, lamented Darkside Codex series, at a new blog called Steampunk Cavaliers. Some of the participants were introduced a few weeks ago, and there are a couple others who will be popping in now and then but weren't included in that into.

My first post went up earlier this week. It's about why I see serial fiction as such a logical part of the steampunk scene. In it I look at serial fiction in the real-world Victorian era, including one of my favorite anecdotes about how dangerous the format was seen by those in power.

So check it out, and follow the blog for new reviews and other steampunk-related goodness every week. (And if anyone is interested in having a steampunk serial featured or reviewed over there, feel free to contact me.)

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Urchin Again (and some sweet deals)

Season Three has now begun! From the first time I sat down to write out season three (roughly at the same time the season one was first being published by Musa), this first episode was called "Urchin Again." It follows Chels dealing with the devastating aftermath of the Season Two finale...

If you haven't had a chance to subscribe, then don't delay! I'll send you episode 1 right away, and you'll get the rest of the episodes as they come out.

To celebrate the release of Season Three, I've also lowered the price for the Seasons One & Two ebooks—$2.99 for Season One and $3.99 for Season Two (if you're buying in the US, and automatically converted from that elsewhere). The main links for those are also over on the Spire City tab. So now is a great time to dive into the series and find yourself caught up in the struggles of this steampunk city.