Season Three is a go!

With two episodes remaining in season one, "Infection," it may seem odd to be signing contracts already for season three, but we're getting close to starting work on season two ("Pursued") right now, and some aspects of that season were going to be affected by whether or not season three would follow. So...all contracts are now signed and plans laid for season three, "Unwoven." The title of the final episode of season three? "All Things Must Complete." For those who've been following the series...a rather ominous title for Chels and company.

Just this past week I've also begun going through a round of self edits on the first episode of season three, and I'm feeling quite thrilled with how it's fitting together. Inevitably there will be times when I question (life, the universe, and) everything, so I'm doing my best to make use of this excitement and get the early episodes of season three looking smooth and intense. Very cool things in store for all Spire City readers!