Episode 12, "In Claw's Catacombs"

So, in case I haven't convinced you to immerse yourself in the idea of serial fiction, in case my arguments about how the built-in periods of reading and waiting, reading and waiting haven't sold you on the idea, no worries!

Episode 12 is out today, the penultimate episode of season 1. And since season 1 is roughly a book length (about 65k-70k words, I believe, though that was adding everything up before the final round of edits, which probably added slightly to the total), this gives you exactly three weeks to read most of the book and get to the final episode at the same time as those who've been reading it all along.

So thank you, faithful readers of the series, and binge away new and/or skeptical ones. This episode again introduces some big changes to Marrel's band in the Weave, and completely overturns their assumptions about life deep beneath the streets.


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