Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Poetry sale to Grievous Angel

Pleased to be able to announce that I've sold a poem to the ezine Grievous Angel. This one is a ghazal that I wrote a few years ago, with a science fictional slant. More on the poem itself and a link when the issue comes out.

Saturday, May 09, 2015

A kindred take on steampunk

I just saw this on io9, and it looks great. Lantern City is a new comic coming soon, with a free preview at that link. Its overall aesthetic seems very much like how I see Spire City: steampunk as seen from below, mired deep in the amazing new technologies of the factories, but divorced from the sense of wonder afforded to those in high society. I'm not a frequent comic reader, but this looks very cool, very worth checking out.

Also check out this interview with the creators of the series. Looks like there's a big vision behind this series, well beyond only a single run of comics: a novel, a TV show, and maybe more.

Monday, May 04, 2015

Episode 1 is live!

I sent out the first episode to all subscribers, it's live on Amazon, and...stuck in some sort of limbo on the B&N website... (No, wait, now it's there.) Many thanks to all who have helped with critiques and everything else. As I just mentioned elsewhere, after getting used to how Chels & co. are midway through season two when it was with Musa, going back to the beginning now drives home how much younger they all are (especially Chels), how much more naive. And for some of them, how much more alive.

My friend Andrew Leon Hudson (whose stories you should also be reading) read the series in its Musa incarnation and described it as "a weird sci/fantasy world with insidious biological threats used to clear the streets of the unwanted poor and hints of conspiracy amongst the privileged classes." Which I think is a new sub-genre only lacking a manifesto. So get on that, someone, will ya?

If you didn't get a chance to subscribe yet, don't worry, it isn't too late. Just sign up and let me know your file format preference, and I'll get you episode one right away.