Mint, the Sleepless One (Episode 7)

Episode 7 is out today! This marks a significant shift in the narrative and has always been one of those episodes I've pointed to as showing what makes serial fiction so interesting. Mint, as you may know from the last couple of episodes, is an associate of the mad scientist Orgood. Chels and company realize that there's something odd about him, but only here as we switch to his perspective do readers discover just how and why he seems that way. There's a noir-ish feel to his voice here, which I hope readers will enjoy.

If this had been a traditional novel, I suspect some readers would react poorly to such a shift at this midpoint in the story, but as an episode in a serial fiction, it works to create a different view of events and will hopefully add an extra dimension of tension in the rest of the episodes, as they return to the more typical narration from the perspectives of the members of the Weave.

As always, the episode is available directly from the publisher. You can also purchase it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and most other online bookstores (though some are less prompt in uploading the new books than others).