Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New Spire City art!

Look at that. Very cool image. I actually received this one over a week ago, so if you're on Facebook you may have seen it then. Lydia and Isaia also posted on their blog about the design process for this picture, which was very fun to see how it all came together. The carriage, the beetle, the people dashing away in fear. There's so much to like about this one. One of my favorite parts is actually the hint of the spires that makes the skyline. It's the perfect finishing touch to all the other details in this.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Episode 12, "In Claw's Catacombs"

So, in case I haven't convinced you to immerse yourself in the idea of serial fiction, in case my arguments about how the built-in periods of reading and waiting, reading and waiting haven't sold you on the idea, no worries!

Episode 12 is out today, the penultimate episode of season 1. And since season 1 is roughly a book length (about 65k-70k words, I believe, though that was adding everything up before the final round of edits, which probably added slightly to the total), this gives you exactly three weeks to read most of the book and get to the final episode at the same time as those who've been reading it all along.

So thank you, faithful readers of the series, and binge away new and/or skeptical ones. This episode again introduces some big changes to Marrel's band in the Weave, and completely overturns their assumptions about life deep beneath the streets.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Season Three is a go!

With two episodes remaining in season one, "Infection," it may seem odd to be signing contracts already for season three, but we're getting close to starting work on season two ("Pursued") right now, and some aspects of that season were going to be affected by whether or not season three would follow. So...all contracts are now signed and plans laid for season three, "Unwoven." The title of the final episode of season three? "All Things Must Complete." For those who've been following the series...a rather ominous title for Chels and company.

Just this past week I've also begun going through a round of self edits on the first episode of season three, and I'm feeling quite thrilled with how it's fitting together. Inevitably there will be times when I question (life, the universe, and) everything, so I'm doing my best to make use of this excitement and get the early episodes of season three looking smooth and intense. Very cool things in store for all Spire City readers!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

New art for Spire City

I commissioned World Beyond Art to do a few drawings for Spire City and just got back the first one. I have to say I love what they've done with the vague ideas I sent them. This is a Spire Singer--could be Derran but not necessarily--chained to the top of a spire, in full Byronic mode. Amazing work, and can't wait to see the next one.