Poem sale to Strange Horizons!

I'm super excited to have sold a poem to Strange Horizons. I've long been a fan of the ezine--it was the first one I can remember reading regularly, starting almost ten years ago (when it was already a well established part of the genre). I've supported its fund drive in past years, even sponsoring a poem one year, and it frequently showed up as a recommended read, back when I used to do a mini-review/signal boost for my favorite short fiction of the week (and, hmm, maybe I should try to get back into that...). So naturally I'm thrilled to have one of my poems accepted by them. I've gotten close on a number of occasions, both with poems and short stories...it's great to finally break through. No info yet on when the poem will be coming out.

Speaking of the yearly Strange Horizons fund drive, it's going on right now. As always, it has great prizes you might win. I've donated, have you? If all goes correctly you should see the fund progress image down at the bottom of this post (it's not showing up in my preview window, so...I guess I'll hit publish and see):