New artwork, new artwork...yay!

Check out this awesome scene from Spire City, drawn by Worlds Beyond Art! Be sure to zoom in for the details, if it shows up small for you at first. Especially check out the ominous steampunk-dart gun in Mint's hand. Not aimed, not yet... I've loved working with Lydia and Isaia for these pictures. They really bring Spire City to life in a different way than words do. So cool. (I've been posting the sepia versions here on the blog, but I do have black-and-white versions as well. I will be making use of those too, at some point...)


E.L. Wagner said…
Nicely done.
Daniel Ausema said…
I agree. Very cool artwork they've done.

So when you have the need of artwork for your characters (whose names have all changed from the draft I read, apparently...), have Lydia and Isaia tackle them for you :)