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"A Chance to Breathe" published in Zooscape!

Award Eligibility 2021

Try some Kindle Vella serials!

New story out! "The Mirror Merchant's Tales"

AI character art!

"The Forbidden Path to Forgetting"

Spire City: Occupied Character: Alless

Spire City: Occupied Characters: the spire singer Jensha

Spire City: Occupied Characters: Keene

"The Cities Rise Up on Legs of Lead" sold to Daily Science Fiction!

Spire City: Occupied Characters: Unnamed Correspondent

Spire City: Occupied characters: Temli

Spire City: Occupied, slight change of plans...

"The Pelagic Colossus" published in Star*Line 44.3

Spire City: Occupied--a serial return to Spire City!

"Triptych of the Final String" in the latest issue of New Myths

"The Mirror Merchant's Tales" sold to Daily Science Fiction!

Two more poems sold!

Poem sold to Star*Line!

Birthday gift--a free novelette!

"Triptych of the Final String" sold to New Myths