Friday, May 31, 2013

The Dissolution of Society

So apparently, according to Fox News commentators yesterday, my lifestyle is a contributing factor in the decline of civilization.

Why is this, you ask? Something to do with sexual orientation? No. Religious beliefs or practices? Criminal activity? Illicit drugs? No, no, no. Politics? No...well, probably that too, from their perspective, but that's not the point here. It's that as a stay-at-home dad, I am part of the 40% of US households in which the primary breadwinner is a female.


There's a video clip and a transcription of part of the exchange at TPM.

I mean, who knew? A healthy, egalitarian relationship based on mutual respect, one in which our roles are complementary not based on some pseudo-science of what roles gender is supposed to play but based on our actual, individual talents, abilities, and interests...what kind of message are we sending here? How awful.

Is my situation not what they have in mind in their screeds? It's possible that for some of them, they're picturing something different, with uninvolved dads or something they are equally opposed to. If so, the fact that they base their outrage on those other images without even having the imagination to recognize that there might be perfectly healthy and positive reasons in many of those families...well, it should call into question their ability to analyze things in general. That's clearly not the case with this Erickson guy, though. He's incensed that anyone would challenge traditional gender roles and not accept his interpretation of how families ought to be. By his estimation, I'm anti-science and according to his later update, have my panties in a wad., my boxers are perfectly comfy, and while I'm definitely anti-pseudo-science and anti-false-science and anti-nonsense, I am not anti-science at all. If your goal is to create another 40% block of people from across the political spectrum who would hesitate to support a candidate that you support, though, well done.