CLASH! Dawn of Steam Kickstarter

I haven't had a chance for a couple of days to sit down at the computer, but be sure to go visit the Kickstarter for CLASH! Dawn of Steam. I'm impressed with how quickly the game is getting backers (over 100 before day 2 was up), and pleased with the reception my stories have been getting.

Throughout the month the stories will be used to help create buzz for the game. The first three have gone up already. Panstrom Swiftra is a dark and brooding sort of character, yet he's a champion of hope in the game. Zaraza Haedes is an ancient character who long ago sought out a magical weapon to save his people. He succeeded, but at a high cost to himself, because the weapon has corrupted him. He spent an age in exile and is returning now to create chaos. And Eve of Eden is a sky pirate. When her beloved island of Eden was threatened by the airships of the rest of the world, she took to the skies to defend it. Eve is quickly becoming a favorite character in the comments on the Kickstarter page.

I have to say that the game itself looks great. They've done a lot of testing to give it balance and plenty of opportunities for strategy, and the various characters give the game a lot of variety as you replay it. One of the limited levels has already been filled, and I wouldn't be surprised if some of the others fill up soon, too. So be sure to check it out soon if strategy games and card interest you at all.