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2015 in Review

Spire City, Season Two finale!

Updates on two projects

Wyrm's Gauntlet

Ecotour guest blog: Inundated

Strangers and refugees...and a superhero

Ecotones Kickstarter

"A Brotherhood of Beetles" released at last (ne pas deja vu?)

99-cent November

Ecotones Anthology: Cover Art

Poem published in Grievous Angel

It's new reader week for Spire City!

Final hours to get the reduced price on a Spire City subscription

Stormdancer Review

Ecotones Anthology!

Season Two: Pursued

Final days to get the free "The Spire Singers"!

More about "The Spire Singers"

Spire City, Season Two: Pursued open to subscribers!

Spire City, Season One: Infected available in many formats!

Another (brief,) late-ish announcement

A belated announcement..."The Gunpowder Resistance"

How does AI dream of Spire City?

Last chance to subscribe to Season One!

Duolingo update, Dutch

Bonus for Spire City subscribers!

"The Alien Ruins" at The Pedestal

Special deal for Spire City: Contagion readers

Guest Post: Chris Wong Sick Hong