Episode 13, the season finale!

Here it is, the confrontation we've been building toward between Mint and Chels. As always, available directly from Musa and also from all the usual online bookstores (and likely some unusual ones as well), once it gets added, which can sometimes be immediate and sometimes take a few days, depending on the store. After this episode, life in the Weave will never be the same. And you'll have to wait until the end of November to see how that plays out...

So take this opportunity to get caught up on this first book/season. Or finally take the plunge and get started, if you hadn't earlier. And please, spread the word with me. If you've got a cousin or a coworker who would just love this story, let them know. And we'll see what kind of momentum we can get building for Season Two: Pursued!

(I've also added the trailer I posted the other day to YouTube now, so feel free to give it some views, votes, shares, etc.)