Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Poems sold to Illumen

Last week Monday I had two poems published on the same day. This week Monday I had two poems accepted for publication. If this keeps up, I might grow to like Mondays...

These two are scheduled for the August issue of Illumen. One is a fairly short free verse that just skirts the edge of fantasy (or is it a non-speculative poem with a fanciful metaphor? You decide...). The other is a Fib--a poem that follows the Fibonacci sequence, with one syllable in each of the first two lines, then two, three, five, eight--with a touch a steampunk and a stronger horror/uncanny vibe.

I had a poem in Illumen several years ago, when the magazine had a different publisher. So it's great to be returning to their pages.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Episode 6 released

So far this season, each episode has centered on one of the characters of the Weave ***Season Two spoiler alert*** former residents that is, as they go their separate ways.

Now, as we're nearly to the halfway point of the season, you can find out what's happening with the last of those characters, Williver. He was in the thick of the climax for Season Two...and he's struggling now—struggling with an infection that seems to be rapidly accelerating.

Find out in Episode 6, "The Poetics of Completion," which went out to subscribers last night and should be out (or will shortly be) in Amazon and B&N.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Two poems published in one day... two different publications as well. 

I'm thrilled with each, naturally. And I love the picture the editor of Polu Texni found to go with my poem.

"Monuments of Frost" is a science fictional poem about art on another planet. After writing it, I looked back and saw it as having a sort of kindred connection with Ursula LeGuin's brief stories of other places in Changing Planes.

The other one isn't available to read online yet, but you can order the issue now to read it. "Beings of Air" appears in issues 2.4 of Mythic Delirium. As with the other, while it isn't specifically inspired by any other work, I see a connection with other stories, this time Italo Calvino's Qwfwq stories (which I highly recommend, anyway...). Some crawl through Wikipedia led me to learning all kinds of things about our atmosphere, and I turned that into a fable-like poem about the beings that live up there. It will be featured this June and free to read them, but buy a copy anyway, and you can read it right away.

Friday, April 01, 2016

"The Blood Tree War" published

Today my short story "The Blood Tree War" was published at Diabolical Plots. This is a story of carnivorous plants told from their perspective. It's fairly short, so I won't say any more about the plot, etc. As far as its writing, I believe this (like many of my stories) started as a one-hour writing exercise with some writer friends. But I'm pretty sure I had a vague idea of wanting to write a story somewhat along these lines even before that exercise took place, and I simply combined the idea I already had with the prompt for that week.

A quick, somewhat dark story, so give it a read, would you?