Saturday, December 31, 2011

"Gallery of Vanquished Art" in Kaleidotrope

So a month or two ago, one of my favorite quirky print zines became an online zine (Electric Velocipede), and now another one has, Kaleidotrope. After 13 print issues (3 of which included stories of mine), Kaleidotrope is switching to being an e-zine, and the website went live today with its first e-issue. Rather than "issue 14," it's simply listed as "Winter 2012."

One of the stories in this first online issue is my flash fiction story "Gallery of Vanquished Art." This one began as a writing prompt. A group of us had been throwing out ideas for future writing prompts, rather, and someone suggested a monologue. That one wasn't the prompt chosen, but I decided I liked the idea and patterned this story very loosely on Robert Brownings' "My Last Duchess," where you gradually realize just what a monster the speaker of the poem is. The little hints and things he leaves unsaid make this a story I'm quite proud of.

Friday, December 30, 2011

New look being nearly 2012, I figured it was probably time to update the look of this blog. The template was still from when I created the blog (back in...2006, wow). And it definitely looked like it was stuck in 2006. I don't know if this means I'll blog any more frequently than I have been, but it might. And I love having the ability to add a bibliography right here on the blog rather than on that old, ad-supported writing website I used to have.

Initially the bibliography was what started this change, actually. I hadn't updated the thing for over a year, which only left off the one 2010 publication, but left off everything from this year, which was quite a bit, as well as the few things I have forthcoming. But the thought of updating it always got pushed back, in part because of how primitive that old writing website looked, so I just didn't want to think about it. Updating it had been part of my goals for the month, though, so I finally got to it last night. The links should all work now, as far as I've been able to tell. Feel free to let me know if anything doesn't

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Twitter haiku and an interview

I have a few haiku coming out with @trapezemag, beginning today. I'm also the showcase poet, so there's an interview with me at the magazine's website.

One thing I didn't get into the interview is how addicting those kinds of things can be: whether it's twitter fiction or twitter poetry or other minimalist/micro forms of creative writing, I just find it very fun and rewarding to sit down and see how the words take shape. I can easily get very distracted from other writing (and, to be honest, other things I ought to be spending my time on) and spend a few days just playing with the form.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Novel complete*

I typed the words "The End" on my NaNo novel today.

Is it really complete? I don't know about that. It comes in a little on the short side--about 75k words. There were a few times when I went back and put something in brackets like [need a scene here to show XYZ] or [elaborate on ABC here], so that will boost the word count some. I'm sure there's layering and other things that will add to that, but there will also be tightening to make the prose stronger, so it's hard to say how that will even out. So that's one of several reasons that I can't say I feel some big thrill of accomplishment--it doesn't (and never has for previous novels either) quite feel real, like there's still some big thing I have to work on before I set it aside for a few months and then tackle the revisions. But there isn't.  There will be plenty of big things to work on when it comes time to revise. But for now, this draft is done.