Spire City, Season Two: Pursued open to subscribers!

The time has come for Season Two! I have updated all the information over on the Spire City tab, so you can subscribe now to be sure you're on the list right from the beginning.

What do you get as a subscriber? Thirteen episodes of steampunk fantasy, each one the perfect short-story length so you can read it in a single sitting (or stretched over a few, if you like to linger a little more) sometime during the following week. That way the story is still fresh in your mind when the next episode comes out the next Monday. The first few episodes of this season came out from Musa Publishing before it shut down, but they've been unavailable since then, and the rest of the episodes have never before been published.

But wait, there's more! If you subscribe in September, I'll also throw in a free copy of my novelette, "The Spire Singers." I'll have another post later this month with more details about the novelette, but this is where the entire idea of Spire City began. Before there was Chels or the mad scientist Orgood, before there was a deadly infection created in a lab, before there was any thought of producing a serialized story...there was "The Spire Singers."

The familiar sights of the city are there, the clockwork and the beetle-drawn carriages. The singers chained to their towers. And central to this story is the Kafkaesque bureaucracy of the city itself, something only hinted at so far in the main series. If you're a fan of the series, you'll love this peek into a different face of the city.

The cover art is by the wonderful duo at Worlds Beyond Art.

This novelette will only be available to subscribers who sign up before the end of the month. After that it will be an Amazon exclusive for Kindle Unlimited.

And if that's not enough incentive to sign up now, the regular price of a subscription ($8 US) is being dropped as an early bird discount to $5 US. That's almost 40% off! So sign up through Paypal, at danielausema [at] gmail.com. Or email me at the same address with any questions.