Updates on two projects

In the midst of the season's festivities and assorted chaoses, just a quick note on some things that I've mentioned here:

First, my thanks to the Wyrm's Gauntlet folks for running an excellent event. I ended up in second place in the contest, which is cool itself, plus I'm very pleased with the two short stories I ended up writing for it and will definitely be taking them back out in another month or two to revise and submit.

Second, the Ecotones anthology with stories by Ken Liu, Lauren Beukes, Tobias Buckell, and many others not only met its Kickstarter goal but is now available to non-backers. So if you missed the whole campaign, you can order from Amazon (among other sites). And if you have read the anthology (whether you were a backer or not), don't forget to leave a review at Goodreads (and elsewhere, if you wish).


E.L. Wagner said…
Yay! I'm going to pick one up. Thanks for the heads up.

And happy writing this new year!
Daniel Ausema said…
Sure! I haven't had a chance to check out the other stories yet, but I just finished up reading one (long) book and will probably start dipping in there now to see what the others conjured up. Hope you enjoy it!