99-cent November

I was approached a bit ago by Milo James Fowler with the idea of participating in a month-long promotion where a bunch of writers would be discounting a title (or more) to $0.99 for November. Sounds like a great idea to me, so my novelette "The Spire Singers" is now discounted to 99 cents. Get this Kafkaesque look at the Spire City from a very different perspective to what we see in the main series...and you know you want this amazing art from Worlds Beyond Art on your Kindle (/Kindle app) anyway. Now's your chance!

And please be sure to check out the full listing of 99 cent offerings over on Milo's site. Some excellent writers in there, with a great deal.

What's more, one good discount deserves another, right? Well, Spire City, Season One: Infected will also be on sale this month. For the month of November, you can get the entire first season for only $2.99 US. Don't wait!