Poem published in Grievous Angel

This week I'm thrilled to have a new poem of mine in Grievous Angel, "A Poem Sent Back Across Time-Space (a Ghazal)." As the editor mentions, the ghazal is a poetic form with a long tradition, though not a very prominent one in the English language. When I was writing this, I found a number of different approaches to adapting the form for English, so this mixes and matches some of those, and I did my best to keep it true to the spirit of how the form has been used in other languages.

One thing you'll note, if you're well versed in the form, is that it does not incorporate my name into the final couplet, as tradition would have it. ...Or does it? You may have to go to a name origins resource to see it. Whether that's worth the bother or not, give the poem itself a read and check out the other poem it shares a page with, "Eye-Witness, the Bronx" by Simon Williams.

Any day is made better by reading a good poem.