Special deal for Spire City: Contagion readers

As I mentioned last weekend, the first six episodes of season one were, once upon a time (last fall) published as a separate collection, called Contagion. It was discounted at various times and even, for a one-day special, offered as a freebie from Musa's main page. I never got the exact figures from Musa, but I know many people took advantage of both. Episodes 7-13 were also published as a bundle about a month later, but what with time constraints and the like, I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who bought the first bundle and never got around to the second before it was too late.

So...I don't want anyone to feel like I'm charging them twice or taking advantage. For anyone who wants to take this offer, you can get the rest of the season one episodes for just $3 US, by Paypal. What will you get for that? Every Monday from here on out, you'll get the latest episode by email. You will not receive the end-of-season bundle of all episodes, like the other subscription gets you, but you will receive any offers I give to other subscribers.

Is this only for those who bought Contagion? Do you have to somehow prove you bought the other edition? No and no. If you've been buying the episodes individually from Amazon or B&N or if you bought the episodes individually back when Musa was releasing them and only got this far, feel free to sign up as well. No questions asked. (I wouldn't suggest trying to just barrel in starting with episode 7 if you haven't read the first six, though...)

If you have any other questions, check out the Spire City tab above or contact me. Thanks, and happy reading!