"A Brotherhood of Beetles" released at last (ne pas deja vu?)

Eight and a half months ago, "A Brotherhood of Beetles" was all queued up for release. Everything in place, all editing, copy-editing, galley approval, etc. And I had a clear image in mind of what the coming year-plus of my writing life would be, with a new episode every three weeks, a few-month break before season three, and then the same.

Then Thursday night before its release, I got an odd email. The episode would not come out as scheduled the next morning. Had I done something wrong? There had been times when I'd unintentionally put off approving the galley later than I was supposed to, but that hadn't been the case this time. Was there some technical glitch? The email was oddly worded but only said I'd hear more the next day.

There had been some other issues with over-booking some of the later release dates, so I'd heard they might be pushing back the following episode by a week or two, so I just figured the most likely explanation was that someone had decided to juggle this release date as well. Strange to wait until the night before though...

What I never guessed was that I would wake up the next morning to learn on Facebook (even before my email had fully downloaded) that Musa was closing. Episode 5 would not come out, nor the rest of the series at all.

Yikes. A complete change from what I'd been planning around. And not only would the new episodes not come out, but the already published episodes would be pulled from online stores within a few weeks.

You likely know the rest, how I decided to self-publish what had come out as well as the rest of the series. Well, here we are at last with "A Brotherhood of Beetles" released (Amazon US | Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble). For the first time, readers have the chance to read it. And from here on out all the episodes are completely new, never before released.

If all had gone according to plan, all of Season Two would be released now, and we'd be getting close to launching Season Three at the end of this month. In some ways, though, I think this is better. I like the weekly release and the quicker schedule. It won't be all that long before we've caught up to where the series would have been from Musa, and by the end, Season Three will still wrap up before it would have. And there's so much story to tell yet, between now and the end.

Eight episodes remain in Season Two: Pursued. Thirteen episodes in Season Three. Won't you join me in this ambitious project?


Sun Visions said…
I'm so glad that you kept on and have it out in the world. The weekly episode is just like my favorite TV series. :)
Daniel Ausema said…
Thanks, that's good to hear!
tmso said…
Woohoo! I'll have to take up the series again. I'm glad it's out. :)