2015 in Review

This year veered rather suddenly away from what I was expecting at this point a year ago. So hanging over it, especially over the early part of the year, was Musa's sudden closing. I was caught flat-footed by that, and it took a bit to figure out how best to proceed.

The other big change this year was that I took a part-time teaching job. I hadn't had any plans to do so at this point, at least not until my youngest was a little older, but decided to toss my name in when my kids' school said they needed a Spanish teacher. So that took up a significant portion of my writing time this fall.

Even so, it was a productive year. Here are my publications from the year:


"Orthography in the Lands of Yahm" in Strange Horizons (also in audio)
"Seasons in a Moon Ocean" in Dreams & Nightmares #100
"The Alien Ruins" in The Pedestal (also in audio)
"The Exiles Pine for Home" sent exclusively to Spire City subscribers


"Among the Sighs of the Violoncellos" in Strange Horizons (also in audio)
"Apprentice in the Library of Steam" in Steampunk: the Other Worlds
"Seeds by a Hurricane Torn" in Ecotones Anthology
"The Gunpowder Resistance" in Every Day Fiction

Spire City

And of course this was the year for (re)releasing Spire City as a self-published venture, once Musa closed down. So, Spire City, Season One: Infected was re-released in its entirety, first as individual episodes and then as a full season bundle, in both print and ebook formats.

Spire City, Season Two: Pursued, which had reached episode 4 with Musa, wrapped up all thirteen episodes of its individual episode release this week (with the end of January as the goal for releasing the bundled version).

And also I released the Spire City novelette, "The Spire Singers," as an Amazon exclusive. Technically both "The Exiles Pine for Home," "Apprentice in the Library of Steam," and "The Gunpowder Resistance" fit here as well as Spire City-related releases this year.

So there you have it, 2015 in summary. Now go out and read some great writing, would you? (Doesn't have to be mine, either...but if it is, maybe consider reviewing it as well...) And get ready to read or write or otherwise create your own masterpiece in 2016.