It's new reader week for Spire City!

Are you new to Spire City? Maybe you've followed me here from the Wyrm's Gauntlet forums. Or from my guest post on the BTSE blog later this week. Or who knows what other twisting path you took to get here to these brambles.

Or maybe you've been vaguely aware of Spire City for a while but haven't quite gotten around to joining in.

Either way, this is a great week for you! For the next week, if you subscribe to Season Two: Pursued at the regular price of $8 US, I'll send you Season One completely free. Get a chance to catch up, and then you'll be able to stay right with us as the season two episodes are released. Episode 2, "Williver's Mistake," has just been released yesterday, so you still have time to join us.

Check out the Spire City tab if you want to know more about the series and how it works. Or simply subscribe now.