World Cup is not Sesame Street

When I brought my son downstairs this morning, I had the TV already on, watching the US game (which so far is not going so well...). My son didn't so much like that. Usually about the only time the TV is on is for the 45 minutes or so that he watches Sesame Street (we usually don't turn it on right at the beginning of the show). So he stood in the kitchen, pointing through the gate saying very sadly, "Gone Street." Now I can't watch the second half because Sesame Street is on, so here's hoping it will be less sad for both of us!


Aaaaaw, that's so cute and sad at the same time.
Daniel Ausema said…
What can I say? That's my son :)
Celina Summers said…
oh dear....Sesame Street was probably waaaaaay more enjoyable than the World Cup game.