End of June

Should be a good game this morning. Go Argentina! (Germany just had a really good chance on a header)

Here's another interesting scientific discovery: an Amazon Stonehenge. I just think it'd be pretty cool to be wandering the rainforest and find a grassy rise with these ancient stones on them. That's an image I might just use in a story some day. Most of my links here seem to have been from msnbc, which gives interesting articles, but probably not the most in depth. There must be a specifically scientific news site. Anyone know any? It's odd, I never really enjoyed science classes in school, but I love learning about new scientific discoveries and even just other scientific stuff. It must have to do with the presentation at least in part. In science class they have to give all the other details that never appealed as much to me, but in an article, even one that's more technical than these, it's just structured differently, and it's easier for me to simply pay attention to the things that interest me. I can also pick out the articles that interest me--genetics, environment, biology, astronomy as well as the more social sciences of linguistics, psychology, etc.

OK, quite a ramble. Enjoy the last day of June, all my faithful readers.