Instant Writing Prompts

You may notice something new here on the right (I typed 'left' first, but then I looked at my fingers and saw that the thumb and index finger on other hand make an L shape). I decided to add an instant writing prompt box there that I got from They have other free things for people to put on their blog or website, but this is the one that interested me.

In other, unrelated news, I wonder if I praised Univision too highly and my local cable company caught on--I was able to watch the Brazil v Ghana game just fine yesterday, but when Spain v France came on, the reception was suddenly awful. I was able to listen to the game because the sound came in fine, but the picture was impossible to follow. I didn't know what to think until the game ended...and immediately my reception was perfect. We'll see what happens for the games tomorrow. And if you're reading my blog, cable people, arrrgh. You made me very angry yesterday.