Two unrelated links

I suppose I could make a separate entry for each of these, but I don't feel like.

First, there's Appalling Limericks. This is the same publisher that publishes Scifaikuest (where I have a few scifaiku coming up in the coming months). They want speculative fiction-themed limericks for a one-time anthology. As far as I know, this one never appeared on Ralan's...but I might have just missed it. There are only a few days left on this one, so get writing if you want to submit. I've been trying to come up with something, but I haven't been pleased yet with anything. They do specify that the 'appalling' is only the gimmick of the title--they actually want well-written pieces.

Next, in another article on a strange animal, there's this one about a color-changing snake recently discovered. I just thought it was cool animal. And always fun to learn about a newly discovered species. Wouldn't it be weird if humans had color-changing skin? I know, the romantic image of the chameleon changing to perfectly fit its surroundings isn't really how it works. But even if our skin made dramatic shifts for other reasons, it would be interesting.

Finally, congrats to Ronaldo!!