God bless Univision

All right, not surprisingly, ABC's coverage of World Cup is subpar at best. I don't have cable or satellite or any such thing, so I have to rely on what comes in on my rabbit ears. Back in Michigan, I could get CBC from Canada, which was great for alternative Olympic coverage, and I found myself wishing I still had that, thinking they might offer better coverage. And then yesterday I remembered that we get Univision here--yay! Every game with far more interesting announcers anyway. How anyone can watch the golf that's on ABC right now over Argentina v. Cote d'Ivoire I have no idea. Well, how anyone can watch golf over anything I have no idea, but that's beside the point. Yay, Univision!

And while we're talking World Cup, have you heard of the Togo witch doctor predicting they'll go far? Intriguing enough for me to watch them play. Not only that, but their representative won the beauty contest against the other countries playing in the Cup. No, it wasn't a contest among the players. Here's a link from foxsports: