Random Babbling

Old news already (if that's not an oxymoron), but the US team played well yesterday. I missed all the excitement of the first half, but got to see most of the second half. It's interesting how much having fewer players affects the game. It really looked very different with the 10 and 9 players instead of 11 and 11. My first reaction on the first red card for the US when I saw the video was that it might have been a yellow card, and it was undeniably a foul...but it didn't look red card worthy to me. I'm quite willing to admit, though, that my bias my simply be influencing how I see it. I've read reports from sources I trust saying it was the right call. Oh well. We'll see what happens at Ghana.

Just saw France get robbed of a goal that surely crossed the plane of the goal before the keeper saved it. Unfortunately there were no camera angles to show conclusively whether it did or not.

Interesting question, do you call it 'keeper' or 'goalie'? In grade school we called it goalie. We also talked about full-backs, half-backs and forwards. Then in high school I think we were trying to be more European or something, and we were using keeper (or just keep), defense, midfield and strikers. Didn't use 'linkers' much for some reason, though I've heard others use that often. Then when teaching PE, people didn't seem familiar with the term 'keeper,' even those who were active in soccer circles and were probably more skilled and versed in the sport than I had been even a couple years older. So I got used to using goalie again, but I still like keeper better.

Well, I didn't plan on this being a purely World Cup entry, but looks like that's what happened. Here, we'll broaden it a bit by adding, 'Happy Fathers' Day, everyone, whether you're a father, you have a father, or you know one. I still wish a happy day to you.'


We used both terms when I played back in school. The referees always seemed to use "keeper", though I think everyone else used "goalie" more often than not. I answered to either one. :)

Happy dad's day!