Jupiter World Press

The release date for my first story with Jupiter ("Canyon of Babel") is about a month away (or maybe almost two months--I don't know if it'll be released at the beginning of August or later in the month). But now I have another coming out with them! Just got the email this morning that "The Bridge of Lok-Altor" was accepted by them. An editor once mentioned that every story involves a stranger coming to town--either, the main character is someone in town influenced by this stranger (which in this case could actually be metaphorical as well--a new disease, a new weapon, a new object, even just news of something), or the MC is the stranger himself/herself, coming to a new place. So when I wrote this story I wanted to imagine a place where the simple fact of a stranger walking on the streets of the city is so impossible that it sets up the story by itself--not so much what the stranger does, but just the fact that there is a stranger. Of course the stranger does things, but his presence is the impetus for everything else.

Anyway, if you want to know more, you'll just have to read it when it comes out. Now I'd better go mow the lawn.