Writing the twigs and brambles is writing unfettered that plays with words and plays with genres, that proses poems and poeticizes prose, that weaves in dreams and pulls in pictures, accepting images from every twig and bramble of my twisted mind.

For awhile now, I've been calling the various journals I jot down story ideas in "Twigs and Brambles." So I've decided to use that title for this new blog on writing. I have no idea where it'll take me (huh, sounds like most stories I write), but I'll enjoy the journey (and again).

So a very quick introduction to who I am: I'm a speculative fiction writer and a stay-at-home dad. I prefer 'speculative fiction' since I dislike attempts to create walls between the different genres. My writing tends to be fantasy and dark fantasy with occasional steps into surreal and science fiction...and generally on the more literary ends of those genres (or so I like to tell myself anyway). I'm originally from Michigan and now live at the edge of the Rocky Mountains in northern Colorado.