Grand plans for the day:

Visit the dentist. Usually visiting the dentist isn't something you really look forward to, but I chipped a filling recently, revealing the nerves beneath, so my jaw has been hurting. I just want to get it over with and hope the pain ends after today. Actually, I chipped the tooth next to the filling a couple years ago when we didn't have any dental insurance, but at that time, the nerves weren't exposed, so it wasn't a big deal. These past few weeks, though, haven't been fun. And trying to figure out someone to watch my son while I went wasn't easy either...but now my sister- and brother-in-law moved here, so she'll be watching him.

Play basketball. Every week during daylight savings time, people with some connection to my wife's work play basketball in the park behind the clinic. I haven't been able to make it for a couple weeks because we were gone and then my wife had to work late, so I was watching my son. Last time, I was talking smack about the Pistons having just beat Clevand to advance. Not quite as happy with them now as I was then. Today I should be able to make it though, and with the new interns in town and my brother-in-law joining us too, we should actually have a decent game instead of the 2 or 3 they've had the last couple weeks.

And of course, write. Actually, my plan is to work on rewrites today, which is always so much easier to procrastinate I'm afraid it'll turn into following my curiosity around the Internet, learning about new things that have little if any connection to anything I'm currently writing. Oh well, we'll see.