More on JWP

I haven't played around with images yet on my blog, so I figured I'd put a few of the promotional images from Jupiter World Press here just to see how it works. I'll put the cover image for "Canyon of Babel" here later, closer to its release date, but you can see it already anyway by going to the coming soon section of

These are the front and back of the promotional postcards I have to pass out to people. They look very cool, I think. Completely high quality, professional in appearance. I only wish they had a place for me to write in my name or the title of my story or something of that sort.


Oooo, pretty shiny pictures.
Daniel Ausema said…
Yeah, they are pretty, aren't they :)
Celina Summers said…
oooooo...I like! Send me one! Oh, and congrats on both stories being accepted (consider this a catch-up bulk post)