Dutch fans must watch in their underwear

Rather than rehash the US disappointment, just thought I'd bring attention to this odd story:

Fans lose trousers to gain entry

Basically, a Dutch beer company decided to get some good publicity by making orange pants with their logo on it...but the company wasn't an official sponsor of the World Cup, so FIFA decided to make fans remove the offending pants as they entered the stadium. They called it ambush marketing. I don't like wearing the logos of any company on my clothing, but I think I'll side with the beer company on this one. It's just creative and funny. Actually, though, I'm thinking that FIFA making the people remove the clothing gives far more publicity to the company than simply ignoring it would have. Hmmm. Add to that that they're going against US's Anheuser Busch, and I definitely side with the Dutch beer. Just because I live near the Budweiser brewery doesn't mean I'll touch their awful-tasting beer. Hopefully the Dutch beer is better tasting, though I suppose it's not microbrewery quality either.


Mmmmm, beer.