Good news

Anything positive in environmental news is worth mentioning, so here's an animal that was thought extinct in its original forest home (though some still live in zoos and a couple other parts of the Congo), but now they've discovered that some still live in the park/preserve where they were fist discovered a hundred years ago.

Read the story here, then come back.

OK, did you see that picture? Does this animal really exist? It looks like it belongs in some collection of fantasy creatures, maybe the animal companion to A Field Guide to Surreal Botany. So very cool news story, anyway, and very interesting animal.

Since I brought it up, if you haven't checked out the Surreal Botany collection, do so. I've been seeing it in lots of other blogs, so maybe you've seen it too, but definitely an interesting project. Sort of reminds of the Dr. Lambshead Guide to Discredited Diseases (or whatever that was called).


Celina Summers said…
A Guide to Surreal Botany? Sounds like a FNW topic!
Actually, it sounds like the recent FNW topic with the shape-shifting plants.
Daniel Ausema said…
I've submitted my specimen...and actually not quite as surreal as some of the things I've come up with in writing, but I was a little restricted by the format. You should create something too.