A non-writing weekend

That's not 100% true, as I did a bit of writing yesterday, but for the most part that's what the weekend was. Our big excitement of the weekend was getting my son into a big bed. He'd still been in his crib, and he wasn't climbing out or anything, but still it was time to switch. So he had fun helping take everything out of his room, including the pieces of the crib...and then I got to put the entire bunk bed together. Actually, I do like putting things like that together--I love things that come with "some assembly required" printed on the box because it's like a sort of puzzle. So I didn't mind--it was just time-consuming. And there's still plenty more to do before his room is fully set up.

The other thing we did was go to an auction for Habitat for Humanity. My sister-in-law has been working for them for the past year as part of Americorps (and I think will continue working for them part-time now that her year commitment is up, at least until her baby is born). The auction was a lot of fun--I got outbid on everything I tried to bid on, but it was just the atmosphere that was good. The auctioneer kept it very entertaining.

Also on the topic of Habitat, I've agreed to translate a few things for them into Spanish, so that's taking up some of my writing time as well. But again, it's fun--in fact this also has a bit of the puzzle to it, and I do love a good puzzle. But hopefully I'll be able to get back to more writing shortly. Or more revising rather.


Neil Richard said…
We moved Elizabeth to a "big girl" bed when she was about two. It was the longest two weeks since, well, in a long time. Lots of screaming and crying.

But, it was worth it. She now (at the age of three and a half) makes her bed everyday, likes climbing into it at night, likes jumping on it (when Mom and Dad aren't watching), and likes hiding presents under it.
Daniel Ausema said…
This bed has two under-bed drawers that only go about half-way back, and he's already discovered the tunnel that runs behind them. We're glad he let us wait until he was three--that makes the transition easier, I think. Or at least for him it did. Some friends of ours with a girl just a month younger than him switched her less than two months ago...and had an awful time with her getting up early, sneaking into the kitchen when they weren't awake, and all kinds of stuff.

She makes her own bed--that's great. I'll have to see about getting my son to do that eventually.
cindy said…
wow, under two? i keep them in the crib for as long as i can! haha! how old is your son, daniel? mine is 2.5. i don't think i'll bother until he climbs out of his crib or he's closer to three to do the big bed thing.
Daniel Ausema said…
Hey Cyn, welcome! My son just turned 3 last month. A lot of kids are already climbing out of their cribs before then, so at that point it isn't safe to keep them in their cribs, but fortunately he's rather cautious when it comes to things like that--he hasn't tried climbing out of this bed even except when we've been right there to encourage him.