No NaNo

I feel at the least obligated to mention NaNoWriMo, simply because so many other writers I interact with are doing it. I'm not and haven't ever either. But that's not out of any dislike of the idea. In fact, there are times when I could benefit from doing more to turn off my inner editor and just write like mad. But for each of the past three years (which goes back to when I first learned of NaNo), I was in the middle of something else in November, something that seemed at least equally beneficial to my writing.

This year, of course, it's the revisions that's taking precedence, and revising is something I'm trying to become more diligent about, forcing myself to focus on making a piece its best instead of good enough and running off to the next great idea for a story. Mostly I've been focusing my revisions on my novel project, but occasionally I step away for a couple of days to rework a short story (and there's one short story that's calling for revision but I keep putting off because I know it'll be a lot of work). So anyway, I guess this is my NaNo(&ShoSto)RevMo.

But to all you out there actually doing the crazy writing of NaNo, best of luck!


Paul Abbamondi said…
It's hard to resist when there's like a bajillion other folks out there so passionate about writing, writing, writing this month.

I'm not doing NaNoWriMo. I'm doing NaWriMo instead, which means I have a daily goal of adding 500 words to the novel-already-in-progress. It's less dramatic, but I am getting further along.

Good luck with the revisions!
Daniel Ausema said…
Yeah, it was partly your constant updates that had me feeling left out of the whole action...

Thanks and good luck with yours!