Back from the mountains

OK, I can't blame the recent trip up to Estes for the lack of posts of late, since it was only a couple of days, but getting ready for it did cut out three or so posts I'd meant to do at some point last week and didn't. I'll do my best to get back in the habit of a daily something here now that we are back.

We had a good time up there. My son didn't sleep great, which affected how well he handled everything going on, so that was less fun. But otherwise it was good. Hanging out with my wife's coworkers and their families/significant others/large dogs (...). Hiking--we went on a short trail around one mountain lake with a group of maybe ten or so, and I did a solo hike up the mountain behind our cabin while my son and wife were napping. And we saw tons of elk, including having one meander across the road directly in front of our car. My wife saw big-horn sheep beside the road as we were driving up the canyon too, but she noticed too late for me to see them. And I even got some good revising in while sitting in our cabin--it seems I often have high hopes for doing just that but then don't get anywhere near what I'd planned done, so that was a pleasant development.

That's it--now I'll be unpacking and trying to catch up on sleep for the next few days.