Doctor Prunesquallor

I'm rereading Titus Groan at the moment, and I just have to point out how much I like the doctor. I can't help but laugh any time he comes onto the scene. His sister also is a big source of humor in the book, though in her case it's humor at her expense. She's so clueless about how sad she is as she tries desperately to get Steerpike's attention. Whereas with the doctor, as annoying as his laugh would likely be in real life, as a character in a book you can tell he's laughing along with you. Though that said, the part that had me laughing the hardest recently was when Cora and Clarice came to visit the Prunesquallors and started talking about why they like roofs...

The BBC production, by necessity misses some of the depth of the story, but I thought they did an excellent job casting both the Prunesquallors. So if you don't feel up for trying your hand at Peake's admittedly dense prose (but lovely!), you can always find your local library's copy of the mini-series and watch that.