Sunday, November 25, 2007

Grey Cup

Congrats to Saskatchewan Rough Riders in beating the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

My college had a high proportion of Canadians in the student body, so our on-campus TV offerings always included CBC. I remember the ads for the Grey Cup one year especially when the announcer stating in his most apocalyptic voice about how the Grey Cup every year was "the day Canada stands still." Most of the Canadians I knew cared exactly as much as most of the USians--not at all. We had CBC when we moved to Dearborn as well, though, and I miss This Hour has 22 Minutes.


John said...

I'm one American who would watch Canadian football. I would have loved to see Doug Flutie in his prime up there.

Lauren Michelle said...

I played a few gigs for the Montreal Alouettes. They gave me a real appreciation for the CFL and its oddities, like the beloved 55-yard line.

Daniel Ausema said...

Yeah, I remember watching a few games as well...and I'm not a huge US football watcher either. It just wasn't nearly the major cultural event (at least among college students primarily from Ontario and BC attending a school in the US...) that the promoters wanted viewers to believe it was.

Elliot said...

Alas! The Blue Bombers lost. I didn't notice any Winnipeggers putting on sackcloth and ashes, though. :-)

If there is an apocalyptic day of sports reckoning here in Canada, it would be the Stanley Cup, not the Grey Cup. Football isn't the same sort of fervent religion here as it seems to be in the States.