Nice things in the mailbox

I opened my mailbox yesterday and saw not one but two manila envelopes with books inside. I love getting new things in the mail like that. I was hoping one might be Sporty Spec, but not yet--I still have that to look forward to soon. One was a collection for review, so that's a little less exciting since it carries an obligation with it, but really one of the reasons I like to review is to get the copies of things I otherwise might not have picked up.

The other is the result of the book giveaway from Matthew Hughes, which I posted about a month or two ago. I was very excited to get a limited edition (#8 of 125) copy of "The Farouche Assemblage," published by Payseur & Schmidt. I've seen various references to this publisher as highly respected for its book design, and this definitely fits that bill. I look forward to reading it. By the way, according to his website, the collection of Guth Bander stories is now published by Robert Sawyer Books.

Speaking of reviews, I did have a recent review of mine posted at The Fix for the anthology Bandersnatch. I feel like I didn't enjoy this one as much as I was expecting to, though I'm willing to wonder if a part of that was that they sent me an electronic copy instead of a hard copy. But not all, I'm sure. There were certainly some good stories, but also a number that felt like they were trying too be something that just didn't quite jive. For me--always have to put that in there.

Random for this post, but I discovered I'm not the only speculative fiction writer in town recently, and last night had the pleasure to meet up with Jeremy Tolbert, who seems to know everyone in the field.


Jeremy said…
Not everyone, but I'll be sure to introduce you around at Worldcon this next year.
Daniel Ausema said…
That'll be great!