Errr, yeah--Fantasy Magazine

I mentioned about Fantasy's switch to online a little over a month ago, I'd guess, but then I still had in my mind that the switch was a ways off. Nope, it's up and running and has been for a little while, it seems. I was sure the original announcement said after WorldCon, which would mean this is still only the first week, but there are entries from last week as well--perhaps it was their chance to play around with the setup and all before everyone realized things were happening. Or maybe I'd just remembered wrong.

I haven't read any of the stories yet, but I just read the interview with Catherynne Valente. Her new book, the conclusion of the Orphan Tales duology is out this week--I'd just read the first book a couple of weeks ago, and it is certainly among the most memorable I've read this year. I have to admit a twinge of disappointment that it didn't win the World Fantasy Award last weekend...but of course Gene Wolfe is pretty tough competition. I haven't read Soldier of Sidon, so I can't comment more on that.

I guess I assume that most people are well aware of who won the awards--I was pleased that Strange Horizons ran reviews on all five of the nominees for best novel. But in case you missed it (Elliot!) Gene Wolfe won for best novel.