Wednesday, November 21, 2007

From air to snow

Monday was air-conditioning-in-the-car weather. This morning I shoveled 3 or so inches of snow off our driveway. Hmm.

Actually I love snow, so no complaints here. Give me some cross country skis and a stretch of trails (something I haven't done for a few winters), and I'm thrilled. And apart from last year's anomalous blizzard that kept us buried for a month and a half, snow in this part of Colorado doesn't last long enough for people to become tired of it.


TK42ONE said...

It's about 77 here right now and espected to drop below freezing tomorrow. Yuck.

But it's better than living in the snow belt of PA!

Daniel Ausema said...

I don't envy your 77. There are times when I envy the snow belters (wherever they might be)...but then times when I'm very glad I don't live there.

Barbara A. Barnett said...

I don't envy your snow, so please do keep it. I want back the 70-something degree weather my neck of the woods had yesterday back.

Lion said...

I hate you all. Give me snow.