Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving

We spent the evening at friends' house and enjoyed ourselves. Despite the fact that it turned out all the guys there were Michigan expatriates who had watched the Lions lose earlier in the day... And to those Canadians who celebrated almost two months ago and others who don't have a Thanksgiving at all, well I hope it was a happy Thursday regardless.

And now...

Resist the impulse-buying consumerism of the day after Thanksgiving. I'm not some extremist who will chide you for purchasing gas or even for realizing that there really is a good deal for an item that you genuinely need. In fact I'm debating purchasing something from Amazon myself, trying to decide the best timing for getting it delivered since we'll be gone for most of the month of December. But do pause and make sure it's something you do need, that you're not just buying into mindless materialism. Take the time to swing by Adbusters's Buy Nothing Day site (and the rest of their site--I especially love the spoof ads). And while you're at it, here's my somewhat Adbuster's inspired story, "The Sports Fable Press," which appeared in Noneuclidean Café last spring.