Shadow Streets, for real this time

So I'd posted about this already back in December, under the mistaken impression that it was now available. But now it is for real, in issue 2 of Staffs & Starships. You can buy the .pdf now, and I believe the plan is to make print versions available as well--there were some problems with the printer they'd chosen for issue 1, so I think that's still getting resolved.

This is the story of a woman separated from her people and trying to get back. And it's the story of a city that's really two, a day-time city, whose streets shrink to nothing overnight, and a night-time city whose streets grow with the darkness. Keela has become trapped in the day-light streets and seeks to return to her home. It is tangentially related to my first published fantasy story, which will soon be reprinted in Labyrinth Inhabitant Magazine.